Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taco Burgers

I'm excited to announce I grilled today without catching anything on fire! It was even a charcoal grill. Everyone at work pitched in and bought a case of hamburgers. Once a week Tony grills some for lunch. Today he had to leave while he was cooking the burgers and I was the last resort to man the grill. I saw fear in his eyes as he left me with the tongs in hand... he has heard about the outcome of my last grilling experience. Those burgers weren't bad at all. Speaking of burgers... last week when I spotted these taco burgers on Coleen's Recipes I knew I would be making them very soon. We have to have our taco fix! These burgers were great. They're a nice change from your regular burger or taco. Brad grilled these burgers though... I guess he doesn't quite trust me with his grill yet :)

2 pounds of extra lean ground beef
1/2 cup of crushed Frito corn chips
1/4 cup favorite taco sauce
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, extra taco sauce or salsa (for toppings)

Mix the ground beef with the crushed corn chips, taco sauce and salt and pepper.Shape into patties and grill over medium heat. Serve burgers on bun and top with taco toppings.


Stephanie said...

Congrats on not catching anything on fire! That's a great accomplishment. :-)

These burgers sound like they would be so good! I love taco-flavored anything, and I love burgers. I especially like the idea of using corn chips in the meat, I bet that added a great texture.

Donna-FFW said...

Sounds like one wonderful, flavorful burger. Coleen surely has terrific recipes! Yours looks delicious.

Krista said...

Those did look really good on Colleen's blog. I like the idea of using corn chips in the hamburger too.

Glad your grilling endeavor was successful. I grill on our gas grill sometimes, but my husband does the charcoal one. I don't even know how to light it!

MaRiN said...

This is good, I could use a new twist on a burger. The crushed chips sound enticing.

Melody said...

My family would love this. They always need a weekly taco fix too. This would be a fun change.

Finsmom said...

What a tasty burger twist! I will be trying this soon!

teresa said...

This looks like a fun spin on a burger, and a great excuse to grill, tasty!

Rachel said...

I'm glad you had better luck with the grill this time around :)

Your hamburgers look great...I love the toppings!

Tammy said...

I would love this burger!

I'm making your Aunts Cheese Salad tomorrow...can't wait to try it!

the ungourmet said...

I'm glad nothing caught fire! These look fun and good too!

Did you use tortilla chips or Frito type chips?

Heidi said...

Tammy- leave a comment or email and tell me if you enjoyed the spicy cheese salad. I just had it last month at our family reunion. It's so yummy :)

the ungourmet- I used frito chips