Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bethy's Grilled Cheese with Hot Dog Sandwiches

My cousin Bethy's gorgeous and incredibly smart. She's a Junior at MU and has already been excepted into medical school. I'm so proud of her :) She took the kids swimming with me Friday and I got the biggest kick out of her. I don't own any shorts and wasn't about to go in the pool without them, so she generously let me borrow a pair of her sisters (if you didn't already know, thanks Alexi!). I put them on and she immediately rolled the waste band down and told me I was such a mom! She tries to make me cool, but it's not working! I'm just a big cooking nerd. I've always been extremely close to Bethy and her siblings. You may remember me posting about her sister Alexi a few months ago when I did her hair for prom and then again when she graduated. Bethy has a bad reputation when it come to two things... driving and cooking. I'm proud to say she's been cooking from my blog and has successfully made my easy-to-stuff manicotti for a large crowd. Some of her siblings were not excited about the prospect of her cooking, but I think she's redeemed herself! I will keep my mouth shut about her driving though! These grilled cheese and hot dog sandwiches are one of her favorites to make. My kids loved them. Anything with fried hot dogs is bound to be yummy :)

Here's Bethany and I at the birthday party last weekend for Chase.

hot dogs (2 per sandwich)

Slice hot dogs lengthwise. Brown in a nonstick skillet. Butter bread and place buttered side down in skillet. Top bread with cheese, 2 hot dogs and another slice of bread buttered side up. Cook until both sides are lightly browned and the cheese's melty.


Katy ~ said...

How clever is this? This is a terrific idea!

I've been thinking about doing a post on pigs in a blanket and now I like your idea better!!

Katy ~ said...
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Carrie said...

What an easy fun way to serve hot dogs! It combines our two favorite lunches!

Krista said...

I am an uncool, mommy cooking geek that should really wear shorts in the pool too! LOL. I'm worried that the "What Not To Wear" people might show up and ambush me one day.

These sandwiches look yummy. I bet my kids would love em'!

Coleen's Recipes said...

What a great idea. I ate a lot of fried hotdogs when I was a kid but haven't thought about them in years. Excellent!!!

Willoughby said...

Grilled cheese and hot dogs together? What a clever idea!

I'm just the opposite when it comes to shorts. I wear them all the time, but I always have socks and shoes on when I'm outside so I have tan legs and white feet. Talk about uncool!

Julie said...

Those sandwiches get my vote for YUM!