Thursday, February 24, 2011

Double Decker Taco

Looking for a yum-o-licious twist to a weeknight favorite? Here's a terrific way to change up your taco routine, making them more filling and taking them from wow to WOW-WE! Enjoy:)

1 lb ground beef
1 pkg. taco seasoning
1 can refried beans
taco shells
flour tortillas
lettuce, cheese, sour cream, salsa... whatever floats your taco topping boat

Brown and drain ground beef. Reserve 2 tsp taco seasoning and mix the remaining seasoning with ground beef (following directions on taco seasoning for cooking). Mix reserved taco seasoning with refried beans. Heat until warm. Spread 2 TBSP (or desired amount) beans on flour tortilla. Place bean covered shell onto crunchy taco shell. Fill with ground beef and toppings of your choice.


Jennifurla said...

This remind me of the cheesy gordita crunch that I LOVe at taco bell.

Stephanie said...

Mmm, that looks so good. I love tacos!

On a funny side note, it reminds me of this skit from SNL:
Hilarious stuff. :)

Rachel said...

You crack me up with your "taco posts"! Whenever we discuss picking up something quick for dinner, my husband ALWAYS wants Taco Bell--this sounds like it would be a great weeknight meal!

Willoughby said...

My son is a Taco Bell fanatic and he loves the Gordita Crunch taco. He would love these!

Chris said...

I like this because it also helps you eat it without making such a mess! Plus you can cram more into your shell, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I love these. You can add some nacho cheese sauce to make the new double decker tacos that Taco Bell is advertising. :)

Andrea D.