Saturday, July 16, 2011

Easy Cupcakes

The title says it all!  These are the easiest cupcakes I've ever made.  There was no measuring or egg cracking or even oil pouring... and no, I didn't buy pre-made cupcakes!  My kids actually prefer these moist, delicious cupcakes to the ones made according to packaged directions.  I also love the fact these cupcakes can be made for birthday parties (they were actually made for Sophie's 8th birthday on July 2-hence the patriotic theme!) and enjoyed by everyone.  My cousin Cody has egg, nut and milk allergies and could eat these along with everyone else.  Whip up a batch of these and enjoy :)

1 box cake mix (I used milk chocolate)
1 can soda (I have used coke and sprite)

Mix cake mix and soda for 2 minutes.  Pour into lined cupcake tins and bake at 350 for 18-21 minutes.  Cool.  Frost. Eat.


Katy ~ said...

Oh my gosh, how EASY is that???? As a rule I don't make a decent cupcake, but I'll just have to try these. You make me smile BIG!!

bluang3lbby said...

I made something like this not long ago. It so helps since one of my friends is on an egg restriction for his diet. But I stuck a reese cup in the middle and then make a peanut butter buttercream to go on top. yum!

a snowsprite said...

Ooh wow! This sounds amazing!. Question though, would the flavor soda you use change the taste at all? like if you used plain cake mix or something?

Angela said...

You said easy but didn't say yummy! LOL!! How did they compare to the full fledge box recipe? Was there much difference? If not I'm definitely gonna do this!

Heidi said...

They were yummy too! Very moist. My kids actually liked them better than the regular way.

When doing this with white cake mix I would use sprite (or another clear soda) or a flavor like strawberry :) I have used coke and dr. pepper on chocolate cakes and you can't tell much of a difference.

Kim in NJ said...

Weight watchers also shares this recipe using chocolate cake and diet soda. I know it's on the point scale- I just don't know how many points is in a slice. I used to use vanilla cream soda with vanilla cake mix for my egg/dairy/nut allergic son. The cupcakes are a lot lighter and fluffier than regular ones (so they make a lot of crumbs!). They also freeze well.