Sunday, May 6, 2012


Long time, no post :(  Sorry it's been a while.  I've been dealing with a 10 year old daughter on her second round of Kidney Stones and a new puppy.  My daughter is feeling better and going to a specialist soon, so hopefully we can figure out how to prevent her from getting them.  Our new puppy is a Labradoodle who is keeping us awake at night while I'm trying to crate train him.  Any suggestions on how to keep him quiet so he doesn't wake up the kids???  I'm about ready to trade him off for a stuffed dog.

Here's a delicious cookie recipe I learned how to make in 7th grade Home Economics.  You can use any cake mix you like.  Chocolate's my favorite!  They're soft and yummy .Enjoy :)

1 box cake mix
1 egg, beaten
1 container cool whip
Powdered sugar (about 2 cups)

Mix cake mix and egg (it will be dry).  Add cool whip and mix until moistened (It will be very hard to stir at first and then have kind of a strange consistency like marshmallow fluff).  Use a cookie scoop or spoon to drop into powdered sugar.  Coat with powdered sugar and place on a non-greased cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 for 8 - 10 minutes.  Let cool several minutes before removing from pan.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sorry about your daughters kidney stones. Hope it all get figured out soon. Cute puppy.
This recipe sounds so easy and tasty. Thank you.

Disneypal said...

Glad your daughter is feeling better and good luck with the new pup.

I've often heard that if you put a ticking clock in the crate with the pup, it helps so I guess it is worth a try.

I like these cookies too - I like to make them with Red Velvet Cake mix - very good and pretty too !

Anonymous said...

I would suggest you run a fan in each kids room to help drown out the noise of the dog, then the dog can learn that no one is coming for him when he cries, and the kids can sleep more soundly with the white noise! That's what we do at my house and my kids sleep great! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The pup just wants to be near its pack leader. Put the crate / kennel in your bedroom. Definitely don't put a clock in the crate, just near it. Good luck on stopping kidney stones.