The Frosting Flop

I hate sharing flop recipes with you (OK, not really... I think they're kinda fun) because while a recipe might flop for me, it might be the best ever for you!  Don't let this detour you from trying this yourself.  I've spotted this recipe on several blogs and decided I must make it.  It has Jello in it and Jello makes everything more fun :)  It also looked similar my favorite Fluffy Boiled Icing.  Well, I beat this stuff so long it burned up my mixer (R.I.P. dear friend).  After almost 10 minutes it only slightly thickened (the recipe says it will take 5 minutes to fluffy perfection).  Boo on me! 

1 pkg jello (3 oz, favorite flavor)
2/3 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1 egg white
1/2 cup boiling water

Mix jello, sugar, vanilla and egg in large mixing bowl (NOT PLASTIC).  Turn mixer on high speed and add boiling water.  Beat 5 minutes for fluffy perfection (or not in my case!)

Good Luck!


Unknown said…
Oh no... I just had a new cookie recipe flop on me this past week, so I know how you feel. It looks good, are you going to try it again?
Aarthi said…
The recipe sounds great...Better luck next time

Angela said…
I just made a chocolate icing the other day that was a major flop. I was too embarrassed to post it on my blog. I burnt my finger then my lip with it! Major flop day. So I know how you feel. I did post about my turkey leg flop though...... :)
Anonymous said…
It's best to use a stand mixer with this recipe !!