Chocolate Brownie For One

WARNING: This recipe's dangerously good! It gives you the power to mix and bake yourself a moist brownie with pantry ingredients and have it in your mouth in about 5 minutes. Any time a chocolate craving hits you.... BOOM! I told you this was dangerous. After making these 3 times within a 30 minute period (1 batch for Chase... only 2 for me :) I hid the recipe. I've made versions of this in a coffee mug in the oven, but this bowl version in the microwave turns out surprisingly good. Watch it closely so you don't over bake. Now, get yourself in the kitchen and whip up at brownie. You know you want too! Enjoy :)

¼ cup all purpose flour
¼ cup brown sugar
1/8 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
3 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon butter (softened)
2 tablespoon chocolate chips (a few more never hurts!)

Mix everything together until smooth (mixture will be very thick). Pour into a small microwave safe bowl sprayed with cooking spray. Cook in the microwave 1-2 minutes.

*Now here comes the only tricky part of the recipe. Total cooking time in the microwave is one to two minutes depending on how powerful your microwave is. My microwave is a 1000 watt machine and it takes one minute 20 seconds. You will have to watch yours carefully the first time you cook this treat, so you don't over bake it. I left the center of mine a little gooey. LET THE BAKED BROWNIE SIT FOR ABOUT A MINUTE.

Thanks Colleen from Colleen's Recipes for sharing this recipe :)


Disneypal said…
You are making it very hard for me to lose weight !
Willoughby said…
This could be very dangerous for me!
Ricki said…
This was fantastic! Perfect for that "gotta have some chocolate right now!" moment. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
Angela said…
I just plugged this recipe into the recipe builder on Weight Watchers online hoping that maybe just maybe being that it was a brownie for one that it would be low points....yeah right! Unfortunately this is a whopping 17 points per bowl. So I guess I will have to share this brownie for one with my 4 kids! However here is a link to a how-to-video for a(4 points) microwave cake for one
Angela said…
I'm checking back in...I made both the 4 pointer and the 17 pointer tonight. The 17 pointer (your brownie) won hands down! It was wonderful!!! My kids loved it. Thanks for a quickie dessert they can make by themselves. The 4 pt microwave cake was o.k.(1/3 cup sugar free dry cake mix and 1/3 cup Diet Rite with 1 TBS of sugar free icing-put on after baked) if your really dieting and need a chocolate fix, plus it's really 6 points on the new WW points. Love your site!
Lynn said…
Any time I see a "for one" recipe it catches my eye! I'm sure I'll give this a try:@)
Quirky Jessi said…
Oh my, I want!

Oh right, I can have, huh? In just a few minutes this could be mine. The temptation is insane, gah!
Spike said…
Oh my goooooooodness! So easy to make! I didn't have chocolate chips in the pantry so I used butterscotch chips instead. It is heavenly with a little sprinkle of powdered sugar! Yum!